Zero Hour

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We’re proud to introduce you to our latest partners!

Zero Hour ( — founded by 16 year old Jamie Margolin in Seattle — is a youth-led movement preparing to march on Washington this July 21st, demanding that our elected officials take the threat of climate change more seriously for their sake.

These enthusiastic youth are fed up with inaction and digression from our leaders. They’re fed up with the continued efforts made by the fossil fuel industry at large to obfuscate the basic science of climate change for the benefit of a singular, obsolete sector of the economy.

To these extraordinary youth, the cycle of passing the burden of responsibility onto the next generation ends with them.

While many of the Zero Hour team are not yet old enough to vote, they fear they’ll be inheriting a world of uncertainty they played no part in creating. It’s their goal to bring the moral imperative of climate change from the back to the very front-and-center of discussions surrounding what truly can make a nation great.

The Zero Hour movement is building widespread awareness that current and future generations will not stand for anything less than a healthy environment and the same opportunities previous generations were privileged enough to enjoy.

On top of marching on Washington and several other major cities this summer, they’ll be meeting with and submitting a list of demands before Congress during their visit.


This isn’t the first time America’s youth have risen up powerfully for climate justice, challenging the negligent behavior of the adult world around them — in 2015 a group of 21 youth, ranging in age from 10 to 21 years old, filed a constitutional climate lawsuit before the U.S. District Court in Oregon - Juliana v. U.S.

The defendant, the U.S. Government and the fossil fuel industry, moved to have the case dismissed, and on November 10th, 2016, U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken denied their motion. The Trump administration later fought for a writ of mandamus in December 2017, and on March 7, 2018 the young plaintiffs celebrated an extraordinary victory when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the U.S. Government's petition for dismissal.

While the youth of America may not yet have voting power, they do have an extraordinary ability to mobilize in massive numbers over social media like no generation before. When our current inaction threatens their livelihood, we’d better bet they will.

Uninhibited by political party affiliation or ulterior motives, their message is both sobering and embarrassing. It should never have come to a point where we’re being schooled by our children and grandchildren. It’s our responsibility — all of ours — to act now on their behalf while we've still got a window to do so.


We’re joining forces with Zero Hour because we all agree it’s the right thing to do. We plan to provide media and fundraising support for their movement as well as volunteer opportunities — both with outreach and by developing programs for young people to make a direct impact on the ground helping to install renewables for communities in need. To do that, we’re going to need your help and so will the Zero Hour team at

The name of the game with movements like these is exposure, so we’re asking you to share widely and spread the word! If you’re concerned that a small monthly donation and a like, share or retweet aren’t enough, keep in mind, this is exactly how movements go viral!

Your contribution — whatever you can give — is an integral part of that process. Every bit of it will go a long way toward supporting these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities! It may well be the best last chance we’re going to get to take a real stand on the right side of history.

It’s In Our Hands!