We put power in the hands of the people.

That means giving YOU the power to directly fund renewable energy projects for communities in need.


Because the transition to clean energy shouldn't be hard. It should be easy and fair. The math doesn't lie — a small monthly contribution from just a small percentage of us can get the job done!

We just need to get started.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all people with the means to combat climate change and inequality by providing a platform to directly fund a swift transition to clean energy, benefiting disadvantaged communities in a tangible, measurable way.

Our actions are guided by 3 core principles:

1) Radical Innovation: Solving big problems requires big ideas. When challenged, we collaborate and innovate rather than settling.

2) Radical Transparency: Everyone has the right to know how our donations are being spent, and have access to the resources to track their progress.

3) Radical Sustainability: Charity at its best means no need for future charity — we will always strive to work ourselves out of a job, and our participation in any community should leave no need for our help in the future.


inourhands.love is a way for us to come together to completely revolutionize the energy landscape. When you donate to inourhands we spend more than 100% of every dollar building clean energy infrastructure for communities in need.



The infrastructure you help fund produces a revenue stream that those communities can use to address local problems for decades (or more) to come.

That money could mean nutritious food in the inner-city, or modern job training in coal country. Use your imagination. The sky's the limit!

In this way, you can promote clean energy while also investing in communities and building a stronger, more resilient economy. 


Once an installation is complete and the community is making money, they've got the power to pay it forward - in other words, for a short time, they can commit a small portion of that revenue to help support another project. That way the next community in need can benefit, too. After that, they keep it all to support local initiatives.

This way, we can recycle each one of your donations - using them over and over again in different communities with different needs.



Never before have we had the power to connect with one other - from caost to coast to across the globe - on the level that we do today.

vast majority of us agree on moving towards a cleaner future. The will exists, so let's band together and get the job done. Let's show the world the power of a people united for good in the age of the internet!


Changing the world starts with you.

Join the movement.

Spread the word.

Contribute to the conversation here, on the street, and through social media.

Identify communities in need, and help raise funds.

Please consider making a small monthly donation!

...because every dollar we can depend on

will go a long way - over and over again.


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