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We're InOurHands

A non-profit that provides marginalized communities with locally owned renewable energy.

When communities generate their own power, they gain the power to shape their own future

How it works:

    You donate online.

    We spend 100% on financing renewable energy projects in marginalized communities.

    They can spend the money coming from the system to repay the cost and fund community projects.

    We get back our investment over time and re-spend it on more projects. That way your donation continues to make a lasting impact! Over and over again.

Featured Projects

20 kW Solar @ KILI Radio

KILI Radio, "The Voice of the Lakota Nation" - an independent radio station funded entirely by donations from global listeners - just gained energy independence! InOurHands partnered proudly with Red Cloud Renewable, Lakota Solar, Thunder Valley CDC, Sunset Power Solutions, Remote Energy, Johnny Weiss Solar, and a number of dedicated volunteers, to complete this 20 Kw ground-mount solar array. Just one step closer to energy sovereignty in Pine Ridge.


The Sulcata Home

We set out to bring energy independence to marginalized communities, beginning on Pine Ridge -- one of the poorest communities in the entire Western Hemisphere. This is no simple task, considering the housing stock on Pine Ridge is so dilapidated, and there is such dire need for more than 5,000 new homes. In response, we created the Sulcata Home -- a super high-quality, efficient, spacious, affordable housing solution for the 21st Century.

Anpo Wicahpi


We've partnered with The Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center to build a 22 kW solar install at Anpo Wicahpi, the Pine Ridge Girls School.

The Pine Ridge Reservation is one of the poorest communities in the western hemisphere - and it's smack dab in the middle of the US.

Energy from our solar install will offset electrical bills, so that Anpo Wicahpi can focus the important stuff - educating a new generation of young, female Lakota leaders.

Over their lifetime, these panels will produce close to 1,500 MegaWatt hours, or over $150,000 in savings for the school.

Learn more about Pine Ridge, The Girl's School, and our work there!

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