Spread the LOVE

We believe that the transition to clean energy and regenerative community should be not only easy but enjoyable, uniting, and encouraging. YOU have the power to make that happen!

You spread the love by donating a small monthly amount to inourhands.love, then you convince others in your web of social connections to do the same.

We'll pool every one of those donations, and spend it all on building renewable energy infrastructure for communities in need! Each community owns its installation - a gift that keeps on giving!

That's it! It may sound crazy, but it's True: we only need 0.5% of people to share that love and we can solve any number of problems.

100%+ goes to renewable energy

Renewable energy is unique. It's "fuel" is free. When we get together and give the gift of renewable energy, communities make money on day one.

While most of that new money goes to fund local initiatives, some is diverted to inourhands for a while, helping us help even more communities. 

So, yes, you empower them to help themselves, but, even more importantly, you also empower them to help others.

Every dollar inourhands.love spends always comes back, we can spend YOUR donation over and over.

That's how we can commit to put MORE than 100% of your donation towards clean energy!


Think about what communities could do with a revenue producing asset like renewable energy.

They could use it to provide modern school supplies or quality food for kids, fight social justice issues, provide home-heating solutions for tribal communities, or support the local economy by creating jobs in coal country. Use your imagination! That's the first thing we ask of every community we work with.

The thing is, the gift you're giving does far more than produce revenue - it unites communities around common, local causes, bringing people together to build real solutions.

Your gift helps to bring communities together.

Radical Transparency

Our aim is to reach a whole new level of transparency. In these early months, we'll be posting all of our financial transactions here on our website.

As things progress we'll work to incorporate block chain tech to track every cent we spend in a indelible, freely-accessible, publicly available record. 

That way you can see the good you do, and be 100% confident we're keeping our promises!