Let's keep this easy!

We don't need HUGE donations, we just need a lot of people giving a little each month! We suggest donating one hour of your pay each month.  After you've done that, SPREAD THE WORD!

Please consider a monthly donation. That's how we can sustain the change!

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Looking for more ways to lend a hand?

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Got Skills?

Whether you're an accountant, an artist, a lawyer, or a lion tamer, we want your help!

The more help we get from conscious citizens like you, the more creative and effective we will be!

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Own a Business?

Would your employees work an extra hour each month if you spread the love by donating an hour's worth of their pay?

We bet they might!

Also, Contact us about carbon credits!


Love to do things?

Do you like walking across the country, or jumping into freezing lakes, or throwing big parties, or orchestrating enormous pillow fights?

Get together with your friends, put your heads together and come up with creative ways to raise money for clean energy! 

We bet you'll hatch some amazing plans!


Got Friends?

Glad to hear it! The most important part of this whole scheme is getting the word out there.

Tell your family, your friends, people on the street, co-workers! Tell your dog!