The Future is InOurHands



Our purpose is to provide the world with a way to combat climate change and inequality, empowering them with the means to directly fund a swift transition to clean energy in a way that measurably benefits disadvantaged communities.

Our work is guided by 3 core principles:

Radical Innovation

Solving big problems requires big ideas. When challenged, we collaborate and innovate to create viable solutions to problems unique to communities we serve.

Radical Sustainability

Charity at its best means no need for future charity — we will always strive to work ourselves out of a job, and our participation in any community should leave no need for our help in the future.

Radical Transformation

We appreciate that lasting transformation must come from the heart of the community -- it's members. We appreciate that the only way to ensure positive change is to listen to the heartbeat of the community to understand its needs.

What Makes InOurHands Unique?

100% Spent on Projects

We take every bit of every dollar you donate and use it to finance community-owned renewable energy projects in marginalized communities.

100% Local Benefit

Our projects produce local energy, which creates local revenue.

100% Regenerative

Locally-owned renewables mean energy security and independence from fluctuations in the energy market.

100% Community Owned

That new cashflow can provide financial support for local projects and, over time, repay the cost of the installation.

100% Revolutionary

Every dollar that comes back to InOurHands goes straight to funding more projects. Once the model starts, it never stops!

Our Team


Christopher P. (Crispy) Ellis

Founding Partner and Director of Installations and Education

Crispy is a journeyman electrician, NABCEP certified solar installer, former professor of renewable energy, chief judge in the United States for freestyle skiing, and has experience as general manager of solar installations up-to-and-including MegaWatt scale systems. He's passionate about creating opportunities to train students of all ages on the ins-and-outs of solar installations, and using that medium to make STEM education exciting and fun.


Aaron Resnick

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Aaron graduated Cum Laude from Amherst College with degrees in both Bio-Chemistry/Bio-Physics and Planetary Science and comes from a background of community service as a paramedic. He is a published co-author in the journal Nature, and has worked with NASA and SwRI in support of the New Horizons mission. He is an experienced blacksmith and carpenter. He's passionate about egalitarianism and unleashing the tools of the 21st century to solve some of our most pressing problems, and to do it in a way that connects people, builds communities, and empowers us all to live the change we seek.


Jason Mackie

Co-founder & President

Jason graduated Cum Laude from Amherst College with degrees in both Environmental Studies and Geology. He has worked with NASA and SwRI in support of the New Horizons mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt, the Lucy mission set to explore Jupiter's trojan asteroids, as well as in support of the Mars Curiosity mission, and has over a decade of experience in the construction industry. Passionate about planetary science, sustainable development, social justice, economics, and all things living, he strives to find innovative solutions to some of our world’s most pressing systemic problems.

Our Partners