About Us

inourhands.love (IOH) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to developing broad-scale solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing problems. Our primary objective is to create a cleaner, more equitable world by powering it with community-owned renewable energy. In the process, we get to do so much more! We take a systems approach to everything we do, meaning we appreciate that no big problem really has any singular solution, and everything is interconnected — most of our biggest problems are indeed systematic. We fight for social justice, economic equality, and a cleaner environment for generations to come, empowering communities with the means to tackle their own local struggles by converting the sun's photons into dollars for social good.

The idea was hatched on a cold, early November night in 2016 behind the Tyler Dormitory at Amherst College. It was inspired by a growing affront to basic scientific principles, the earth, marginalized peoples, and future generations. We understood the science and threat of climate change, having just spent years studying the relationships between planetary and biological systems, environmental an social injustice, and sustainable economics. In addition to understanding the physical ramifications of a warming planet, we understood that its effects extend far beyond weather and temperature, affecting real people's lives in devastating ways. We knew we couldn't expect broad scale solutions to just create themselves anytime soon — indeed, the air in Washington is ever more capitalized by partisan disagreements than national cooperation. We’ve seen millions of dollars dedicated to fueling the climate change denial movement, to reversing previous steps taken toward building a renewable energy-based economy, and to encouraging hatred towards those with opposing values rather than fostering love and respect for different points of view. What we need is a robust model for the people to come together to get big things done ourselves — something that can out-pace the damage we expect to come in the coming years.

As scientists, we understood the power of mathematical modeling, exponential growth, and collective action, and set out to build something revolutionary. That’s precisely what we did — we built a radical charitable model with the power to completely replace the nation’s energy infrastructure with renewables in a matter of decades, and to do it in a way that truly benefits local people in the most tangible ways possible. The idea was this: in our new, high-tech era, we are all connected like never before — through the internet and social media — and so for the first time in human history we have the power to come together over a common cause to accomplish the unimaginable. We ran the model to see what sort of commitment it would take from each of us, and were pretty encouraged by the results! Check this out: If only 0.5% of the U.S. population pitched in just $20/month, we could install over 350% the current U.S. energy demand before the end of the century! We also realized that, if done right, the IOH model has the power to completely rebuild the economy from the ground up, and in a far more equitable way.

"That’s precisely what we did — we built a radical charitable model with the power to completely replace the nation’s energy infrastructure with renewables in a matter of decades."

Once we saw for ourselves just how powerful a force for positive change the IOH model truly was,

we were all in!

It wasn't just a good idea - it had to happen.

Our lives depend on it.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide all people with the means to combat climate change and inequality by providing a platform to directly fund a swift transition to clean energy, benefiting disadvantaged communities in a tangible, measurable way.

Our actions are guided by 3 core principles:

1) Radical Innovation: Solving big problems requires big ideas. When challenged, we collaborate and innovate rather than settling.

2) Radical Transparency: Everyone has the right to know how our donations are being spent, and have access to the resources to track their progress.

3) Radical Sustainability: Charity at its best means no need for future charity — we will always strive to work ourselves out of a job, and our participation in any community should leave no need for our help in the future.

Our Team


Suhasini (Su) Ghosh

Founding Partner & Content Creator

Su majored in Environmental Studies at Amherst College. She's passionate about exploring culturally appropriate, qualitative metrics to craft holistic solutions to problems of environmental injustice, and exploring the intersections between the environment and public health.

Malinda (Lindy) Labriola

Founding Partner & Content Creator

Lindy graduated from Amherst College with degrees in both English and Geology. A Fulbright Scholar, she's spent the past year studying climate adaptation strategies in Norway. She's particularly passionate about building resilient communities, strengthened by empathy and cooperation.


Aaron Resnick

Co-founder & CEO

Aaron earned degrees from Amherst College in both Bio-Chemistry/Bio-Physics and Planetary Science, comes from a background of community service as a paramedic, and is an experienced blacksmith and carpenter. He's passionate about egalitarianism and unleashing the tools of the 21st century to solve some of our most pressing problems, and to do it in a way that connects people, builds communities, and empowers us all to live the change we seek.

Jason Mackie

Co-founder & President

Jason graduated from Amherst College with degrees in both Environmental Studies and Geology, after having spent more than a decade working in various fields of construction. Passionate about planetary science, sustainable development, economics, and all things living, he specializes in the development of radical, innovative, and panoptic solutions to some of our world’s most pressing systematic problems.


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