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Our mission is to improve energy efficiency and solve housing instability. Using novel building methods, we provide homes with unmatched energy efficiency to those in need.

We believe stable housing is the foundation on which dignity is built, that dignity breeds self advocacy, and that self advocacy is essential to solving the climate crisis.

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The Domicile

Our current initiative is to solve the long standing problem of substandard housing in Native American communities. We work closely with respected Native leaders, leveraging our novel building technology to deliver extremely energy efficient, long lasting, eminently livable homes for individual families and communities at a price point low enough to credibly address the scale of the need.


InOurHands was initially founded with the mission of providing renewable energy and sustainability solutions for marginalized communities. While executing our first project on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, our partner, Chief Henry Red Cloud, brought our attention to the unacceptable living conditions endured by the Plains Tribes of the American Midwest.

Henry challenged us to make his lifelong dream a reality: to identify a novel housing technology capable of enduring the myriad climatic challenges of life on Pine Ridge, inexpensive enough to meet the scale of the problem, and sufficiently well built to provide families with a true foundation — a home that can provide stability, warmth, and pride.


The result of our effort to fulfill Henry’s vision exceeds his — and indeed our own — expectations. With no more energy input than that provided by a few solar panels, our homes provide warmth in the biting cold, cool in the blazing heat, and are proven to be tornado and pest proof. Not only can this technique meet the economic and climactic challenges posed by the harshness of the region, but it is designed for rapid deployment, with a single building system capable of constructing 5 homes every day. Be on the lookout early Summer, 2023 highlighting our work on the PBS network broadcast of Native America: Season 2.

Without stability, no forward progress is possible, and stability is exactly what we aim to provide with this project: stability for Native people to live in harmony with the land, stability for them to more effectively advocate for themselves, and stability to amplify their voice and articulate their philosophy — which in turn benefits us all.